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The Falafel Street Kitchen return to Quirky!

To help celebrate a night of ‘Best of the Guest Beers’ competition and festival.

In Falafel Street Kitchen’s own words:

Over 20 years ago, whilst travelling, I was introduced to falafel in Antwerp, Belgium. I subsequently stayed and began work in a vegetarian kosher restaurant.

When I moved to back to my home city of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, I realised that there were no cheap, quick, truly fresh alternatives to fast food. So myself, along with my daughter, began our mission to introduce my local city to falafel.

Using my street food van, I began trading on Wakefield market in 2006. After converting a loyal group of customers into falafel-lovers, the word spread and we began to receive fantastic feedback on my falafel recipe.

It was amazing to hear that people were even inspired to go home and have a go at making falafel themselves. One of the main questions I get is why supermarket-bought falafel fails to live up to the taste of fresh, homemade falafel.

After working with falafel for half of my life, through experience I have found that when it comes to richness in flavours, fresh is always best!

We’ll see you there! We are sure Mr Izzard would recommend it based on that smile!

Eddie Izzard at Falafel Street Kitchen

Eddie Izzard at Falafel Street Kitchen