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Live music with Jack Edwards

Jack Edwards is a singer, songwriter and proud Yorkshireman.

From a humble town with a rich history and steeped in folklore, Jack’s music is inevitably edged by the world in which he grew up in, many observations and events of daily life appearing in early songs such as ‘Coaltown’.

Jack Edwards also has a new project – The Blacksmith

In his own words:

Sometimes in life, you just have to start again.

I entitle this new project ‘The Blacksmith’, in honour of my Grandfather Colin Edwards Hodgetts, a master blacksmith in the Yorkshire coal mining industry. Not just for my Grandfather, but for the thousands of other men like him, who toiled and broke their backs everyday in coal seams or “On’t Top”.

It’s also for my family and friends – I’m going back to the beginning, to forge something new. Crafting music is nowhere near as arduous as striking iron into shape for hours at a time, but I will apply that same level of pride to my work.  I am told the tools my Grandfather made are scattered underground in a world forgotten, but also in the garages and sheds of local miners, perhaps across two generations.

When I think of this, I don’t miss him so much – and it inspires me to get back to work. This new work will be honest and hopefully enjoyable to hear. After overcoming a total thyroidectomy operation and subsequent intense vocal rehabilitation in 2016, I’m ready to start again. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about life in the last couple of years, and I feel liberated this time around.

Find out more at the ‘Blacksmith Facebook Page‘.