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What a night – Pav’s Dhaba to spice it up at Quirky

The concept for Pavs Dhaba starts from Home, they are here today because of their love for home cooked food.

‘Our Great Grandmother’s unconditional love gave us the platform and appreciation for her food, it still lives on and hopefully will do for many generations to come’ – Raj

‘Eating at home was and still is the best thing I look forward to, being exposed to a variety of different foods and tastes, I will always hands down choose food cooked at home by Mum or my Aunties’ – Hasan

The story behind their Great Grandmother’s secret recipe for the curry spices they use today:

 ‘She had 10 children to feed, Grandma told us that she struggled to get everyone to eat healthy meals on daily basis. As a mother she knew what each child enjoyed, each ones favourite aroma and taste. Grandma combined everyone’s favourite herb and spice into a curry in hope that the aroma would fetch them to the table’ – Raj


It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Pav’s Dhaba is a dream turned into a reality, they both have a huge passion for Indian food and they always talked about running a food business. Helping each other push their dream was eventful and through this learning process they pushed each other to make their small dream a reality.

Raj has a strong background in retail and sales having ran successful businesses in market trading, Hasan has an equally strong creative background through studying Architecture and running a photography business. Joining both skillsets and sharing their knowledge they created Pavs Dhaba with the help of their families.

​They both love learning from their families, the different ingredients and tastes, from this they have created a unique authentic menu which has become very popular in a short space of time. Catering for different types of audiences and attending many events, they are confident that Pavs Dhaba offers the best Indian Food with a truly unique taste and aroma!

We know you’ll be at Quirky’s to enjoy this special night!