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Kachumber Kitchen at Quirky Ales!

Come and enjoy Saturday afternoon at your favourite watering hole with some Indian gastronomic delights from Kachumber Kitchen. Food will be available from 2pm.

In Katies own words:

Everything I have learnt came from doing, touching, tasting and sharing. Indian cuisine, I think, is one of the most playful and exciting eating experiences in the world. It tickles, taunts, challenges and teases the palate. At the start of my journey exploring the art of cooking there was one undeniably inspirational factor who guided me along my path and influenced my creations – my Grandma.

She was an amazing cook and baker, pouring endless passion and love into her practice. In typical Irish tradition (as relatives and neighbours were always dropping in for dinner) she would often cook for every man, woman, child and their respective donkey’s. Cooking was an honour for my Grandma and a blessing for anybody fortunate enough to taste her food. I would often get almost as much pleasure just watching her cook as I would actually cooking with her. Her belief was that good food, hot water bottle and a cup of tea were tools enough to fix nigh on anything.

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